Sunday, February 17, 2013

winter wonders

Just after a light dusting of snow earlier this month, divisions 10 and 11, two of our early primary classes, were read the Canadian picture book Stella, Queen of the Snow by Marie-Louise Gay. The Stella and Sam books are a great series of picture books for primary students. The brother and sister team visit all sorts of settings and ask all sorts of curious questions, doing some big thinking along the way.
The book served as a source of inspiration for the students. After reading it, I asked the students I asked the students if they had any questions like Sam, about winter. We have been "wondering" together since September during our math and science project blocks together so the questions came quickly yet thoughtfully for these students.

I recorded some of the students' questions on a chart. It is always interesting to listen to how some students' questions are clearly connected to something from the book, our conversation or are building upon another student's question.

I asked the students how we could find out the answers to these questions. Responses included "read a book", "look on the computer" and "go outside and find out". I was particularly glad to hear the last suggestion several times. We have been doing a lot of investigations outside this year with these classes (I see them for another block each week beyond our regular library time) and it always amazes me how our walks and observations outside can inspire such rich inquiry amongst five year olds!

Updates on our winter wonders to come!

~Ms Novakowski

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