Friday, February 1, 2013

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Louis the Tiger who came from the Sea

This week, as part of the Chocolate Lily picture book award program, all the primary classes listened to the fun picture book, Louis the Tiger who came from the Sea by Michal Kozlowski. This was a bit of a fanciful story that led to all sorts of "wonders" by the students. As a response to this story, the students were asked to record a question or two that they had after listening to this story.

"Where did Louis come from? Do real tigers come from the sea?" -Bella, div 9
"How did the tiger eat cereal?" -Iona, div 6
"Where did Louis the tiger come from? Why did he got to that house?" -Tenzin, div 6
"Can tigers swim?" -Rosie, div 6
"Is he a shark?" - Will, div 7
"Why are tigers striped?" -Vikrant, div 8
"How did the tiger get to the yard from the ocean and not know the way back?" -Josh Z., div 8

Our youngest students thought this story was really funny. Their comments included:
"I liked when the people dressed in sea animal costumes." -Quennie, div 10
"I loved when the tiger takes a bath." -Simon, div 10
"I like the fish costume." -Ethan, div 11
"My favourite part was when the tiger made a mess in the bath." -Jack, div 11

The following is a podcast created by two grade one students in division 9:

A special thank you to our Blair Parent Advisory Council for their financial support of this important library program.

~Ms Novakowski

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