Friday, February 1, 2013

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Seal Song

For the third year, the primary students at Blair are participating in the Chocolate Lily Picture Book Award program. This year we will be reading seven titles, and responding to them in different ways. For a short introduction to the Chocolate Lily program, have a listen to this one minute podcast!

Last week, all of our primary classes were read the story Seal Song but BC author Andrea Spalding. For our first book, Seal Song, the students were asked to make connections to the story. Many students commented on times they had seen seals and some students made what we call text-to-text connections and compared this story to Frog Girl, a story we read last year in the library.

Some specific student comments about this beautiful picture book include:

"I like the part when Sheila helps the boy." -Jasper, div 12
"I liked the beautiful pictures." -Kai, div 10
"The pictures were so good." -George, div 8
"The story was really magical." -Vivian, div 8
"I liked the style of the pictures." -Amy, div 7
"The story was emotional." - Ifrah, div 7
"My connection is to the story Frog Girl when a girl turns into a frog." -Tenzin, div 6
"The story was about not hurting seals and friendship." -Rosie, div 6

And here is a little review and excerpt from the book read by a grade three student in division 7:

More information about the Chocolate Lily book awards can be found HERE.
~Ms Novakowski

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