Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Sounds of the Ferry

This week's Chocolate Lily picture book award nominee is Sounds of the Ferry by Sara Leach, a local Whistler author. This was a short story but many of the students connected it to their own experiences on ferries. The author focused on the sounds she heard on the ferry and played with those sounds and words throughout the book. The primary students were asked to ...

Some comments from our students include:
I really like that book. -Billy, div 12
The pictures were colourful. -Serena, div 10
The words are beautifully written. - Jacob, div 11
I liked the things and sounds on the boat. -Chase, div 11
The illustrations helped me make connections. -Maxim, div 8
I like how the words are in different fonts. -Carissa, div 8
I like how the author drew the pictures detailed. -Vivian, div 8
I had a connection of when I was on a small ferry and when I went whale watching. -Emily M., div 7
The words go really well with the colourful pictures. -Bella, div 9
The pictures are nice and the words are wibbly, wobbly. -Jessica, div 6

Two kindergarten students from division 10 created the following podcast about the book:

As we do podcasts for each Chocolate Lily book, I am creating a QR code for each podcast and printing a copy of it to include on the inside cover of each book. When students take these books home, if families have a phone or device with a QR reader/scanner, the code can be scanned and the podcast for the book can be listened to. I've included an example from the Sounds of the Ferry book!

~Ms Novakowski

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