Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spuds in Tubs 2013: planting

This week students from five of our classes planted the seed potatoes in tubs in our library to start off our Spuds in Tubs program for this year! The students examined the seed potatoes and looked for beginning signs of growth. We read that we need to plant the potatoes with the sprouting parts facing up.

We emptied bags of soil into the tubs...
division 11 students empty the bag of organic soil into the tub
Mixed in a scoop of potato plant food into each tub...
a student from division 10 adds the plant food
Made little spots for each potato to be planted...
students from division 4

Planted four or five potatoes in each tub...
division 5's seed potatoes

And watered...
students from division 12 adding water to the seed potatoes and soil

When we come back from spring break, there should be plants growing from each of these little potatoes!

~Ms Novakowski

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