Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Grandpa's Girls

For our final selection from the Chocolate Lily picture book award nominees, all the primary classes were read Grandpa's Girls by Nicola I. Campbell. This story is about four young girls who visit their Grandpa on his farm in the interior of British Columbia. Their Grandpa is very special to them - he is an elder, an aboriginal war veteran, a businessman, but most importantly he is Grandpa!

The girls have lots of adventures on the farm and find all sorts of hidden secrets including a root cellar and a room full of memories.

The older primary students were asked to make a personal connection to something fromt the story.

The younger primary students were farmers themselves after this story and planted seed potatoes for our  Spuds in Tubs program!

Some of the students' comments include:
"It was about the farm and grandpa." -by Steven, division 12
"The pictures are beautiful." -by Diana, division 10
"I like it because it sounds like it's true." -by Kai, division 10
"I like the story and it has funny and nice pictures." -by Jacob, division 11
"The underground place was interesting." -by Valerie, division 11
"There were lots of describing words." -by Aliya, division 8
"It's a good story because it's like a true story." -by Ben, division 6

A podcast from some students in division 6 can be listened to here:

After spring break, we'll be reviewing all the Chocolate Lily books and casting our votes!
~Ms Novakowski

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