Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: I Want to go to the Moon

This week the primary classes read I Want to go to the Moon written by Tom Saunders and illustrated by Cynthia Nugent. It is the loosely biographical story of Neil Armstrong and his dream of going to the moon. The students really enjoyed this book, partially because I think they could make so many personal connections. Lots of great questions came up about space travel too!

The early primary classes learned how to sign 3-2-1 Lift Off! using American Sign Language.

Comments from the students included:
I liked it when he went to the moon because his dreams came true. -by Steven, division 12
I like the rocket blastoff part. - by Francis, division 10
I like all the pages. - by Simon, division 10
I like the whole book. - by David, division 11
I like the pictures because they are colourful. - by Ethan, division 11
I like this picture book because it is colourful and the story about Neil is interesting. - by Carisa, division 8
I like the story because when Neil dreams about it, it comes true. - by Tiana, division 9
Good details in the words. It was an interesting story. He believed in himself. - by Kaz, division 6

The older primary students considered what the message or theme of the book is. Some of their ideas are:
Believe in yourself.
Your dreams can come true.
Anything is possible.

Two students from division 12 recorded the following podcast for this book:

A student from division 6 also recorded a podcast:

One more book left!
~Ms Novakowski

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