Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scholastic Book Fair

This week the Blair PAC hosted another very successful Scholastic Book Fair in the Blair Library! The students were so excited that a teacher commented that if they were this excited for the book fair, he couldn't imagine what their excitement for Christmas must be like!

A very special and BIG thank you to Sabrina and all the moms who pull this book fair together. They arrive on Monday morning and within an hour the tables are moved and covered with red tablecloths, the book shelves are moved and opened, books are displayed, signs are up and the posters are hung and labelled.

The book fair builds an excitement for books and reading but it is also an amazing fundraiser for our school. We are able to choose lots of new books for the library as well as purchase extra resources for classrooms.

Thanks again to Sabrina and the Blair Book Fair Team!
~Ms Novakowski

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