Friday, October 5, 2012

Making Pancakes

On Wednesday, students in divisions 6, 7 and 8 listened to the story Curious George Makes Pancakes.

After reading the story, we made blueberry pancakes in the library and went through all the different ingredients and tools needed to make them.

Each student got their own little pancake to try. For some students, this was their very first pancake!

As we made the pancakes, we made connections to the science topic the students are learning about - properties and states of matter.

The students wrote out the steps to making the pancakes and were asked to label their pictures with the different states of matter throughout the process. For example, the pancake mix is solid which combines with water, a liquid, to make a liquid solution (batter). The batter is then cooked and the heat changes the liquid to a solid state along with the formation of gas bubbles. The students enjoyed watching the gas bubbles form as the pancakes cooked and then noticed the bubbles when they bit into their pancakes.

It was a fun day of story and cooking and science connections!
~Ms Novakowski

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