Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DEAR at Blair 2012

For the second year, Blair participated in the province-wide DEAR event. All across British Columbia, students and staffs Dropped Everything And Read (DEAR) for twenty minutes, starting at 11:00am. This event is held to support literacy, a love of books and reading and to create awareness for the role of school libraries. October 22 was declared National School Library Day!

All across the school, staff and over 300 Blair students could be found reading. The photographs below include as many divisions reading as I could catch within the twenty minutes of DEAR!

Division 9 (grade 1) pulled out fun reading glasses, the grade 5 band class pulled out novels instead of their instruments, Division 2 (grades 6/7) read together as part of their novel study, Division 10 (kindergarten and grade 1) read with their stuffed animals, Division 1 (grade seven) found all sorts of cozy spots in the library to read, Division 12 read together in a circle, Division 5 got in some quality reading time before having their school photos taken, Division 11 read together on the carpet and then read along to a Tumblebooks ebook on the computer and Divisions 3 and 6 enjoyed reading some favourite books.

It was so inspiring and heart-warming to see all our students enjoying reading all over the school!

~Ms Novakowski

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