Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi Day in the Blair Library

On Monday at lunch hour, we celebrated Pi Day (3.14) in the Blair Library. We had about 20 students attend this event and they participated in some math tasks and then enjoyed some Chocolate Pi Cupcakes or Cherry or Strawberry Pi.
The students measured the diameter of hula hoops and plates and then cut their pieces of yarn and saw about how many times around the circumference of their hoop or plate was, in relation to the diameter. For the younger students in particular, this was a real connection to the concept of what Pi is.

We had a little "contest" to see how many digits of Pi the students could remember. We have some students with AMAZING memories here at Blair. Victor, a grade 1 student from division 8, memorized 100 digits! Watch the little video below or link HERE to see his amazingness!

Vansessa from div 2 and Christy from div 1 had many many digits memorized. Allison from div 2 had over 200 digits memorized and Lili from div 2 was our grand champion with over 400 digits memorized! Crazy! The older girls didn't want to be videotaped ;) The top five participants each won a little Pi pin and a copy of the book Sir Cumference and the Dragon and the Pi.
It was a fun Pi Day in the library!

-Ms Novakowski

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