Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPads in the Blair Library

Blair is taking part in an iPad Inquiry through CUEBC and we are investigating the different ways students can learn and create using the iPads. Each class at Blair has now had the opportunity to use the iPads.

Today, the primary classes (divisions 7, 8, 9 and 10) explored interactive Dr. Seuss books in honour of Dr. Seuss' birthday and the students learned how to swipe to turn pages and to interact with the touch screens.

On March, 1, Divisions 4 and 5 first looked at the book Canada from Above: A Photo Journey and then explored Google Earth to find the Arctic and to find Blair Elementary.

Division 3 created simple circuits to light little lightbulbs and then diagrammed their circuits using the Doodle Buddy app. They learned how to change colours and add text using the touch keypad.

Division 6 used Doodle Buddy to create rockets in response to the children's book Sheep Blast Off! They learned how to change backgrounds and to add chalk, glitter and text effects.

Division 1 explored some math and word game apps, Google Earth and then used Doodle Buddy or Writer's Studio to represent and African folktale.

Division 2 explored some math and word game apps. Chicktionary was particularly popular with this class and some students also explored Flipboom Lite, an animation app.

The students are all looking forward to another chance to use the iPads!

Janice Novakowski


  1. Hi Janice,
    I read this with interest as I am currently investigating incorporating iPads into our new school Library. I'll keep an eye on your will perhaps enable me to persuade my school management that iPads are an option. Regards,

  2. iPads are awesome