Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Fred and Pete at the Beach

This week the primary classes enjoyed our last Chocolate Lily Book Award nominee for picture books. Fred and Pete at the Beach is written an illustrated by Vancouverite Cynthia Nugent and takes place in the Kits area of Vancouver.

Many of the students made text-to-text connections between this book and the first Chocolate Lily Book we read, On My Walk.

Students from each primary class wrote some comments about the book...the illustrations in this one were very popular!

After listening to and discussing the story, the students used the Doodle Buddy app on the iPads to draw a favourite illustration from the book. We looked at the brush strokes and colours the artist used and found ways to replicate her style on the iPads.

As you can tell, after some misadventure, Fred and Pete had a great time at the beach!
Ms Novakowski

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