Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the dot

The award-winning picture book The Dot by Peter Reynolds is a staff favourite at Blair. It has some lovely messages about making your mark in your own way and that everyone has an artist within.

There is an international movement to celebrate Dot Day on September 15th. Almost half a million students around the world are taking part in creative projects to make their mark. More information about Dot Day can be found HERE.

This week in the Blair Library, divisions 10 and 11 visited the library for the first time and were introduced to the schools' iPads. After reading the story, The students used the app DoodleBuddy and learned how to change colours, textures and line sizes to create their own images on the iPad. The students were asked to begin with their own mark and take it from there! Many students created dot pictures just like the little girl in the story and others began with a mark and used their imagination to transform the mark into something else!


For these young students, this was an opportunity for them to express themselves and create a small, unique work of art. How will you make your mark in this great big world of ours?!

~Ms Novakowski

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