Sunday, September 30, 2012

Curious George in the Blair Library

This month the primary students have been introduced to Curious George, a classic character in children's literature. We have discussed what it means to be curious and the students have shared things they are curious about!

We read the story Curious George Visits the Library. In this story, George is so curious about a book with dinosaurs during story hour, that he sneaks off with it and then finds all sorts of other books he is curious about too! He learns about book carts and how books are shelved and gets his first library card ands takes a couple of his favourite books home.

On the day we read this story, the students all got to make their library cards for this school year.

The next story we read was Curious George, Librarian for a Day. In this book, Curious George is left in charge of the library for awhile and he reorganizes the books by colour and then size before a boy helps him understand that library books are organized by subject. The librarian returns and explains that library books are also organized alphabetically.

This was a great books to introduce (for some students) or review how the books in the Blair Library are organized. We have two main sections - fiction (stories) and information books. The students all took out their first library books last week!

~Ms Novakowski

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