Thursday, February 9, 2012

Press Here

This week all the classes at Blair, from kindergarten through grade 7, have enjoyed a unique new book called Press Here.
This book has an interactive component and the reader is asked to press, tap, shake, tilt, blow and clap to transform the illustrations. The older students "got" the big idea of transformation and it captured their imaginations as they created their own minibooks inspired by Press Here. The younger students played with the idea of giving instructions for an action and making something happen to their illustrations.

 The students from division 4 brought their iPads from their one-to-one iPad project. The students had the choice of creating a minibook or using one of the drawing or animation apps on their iPads to create their own Press Here-inspired project.

The kindergarten students from division 11 took turns coming up on at a time to "do something" to the book as required by the author's instructions. The students then created their own little books with great attempts at writing instructions for the actions!

 The intermediate students thought these little minibooks would be great to read to their little buddies.

I was amazed by all the students' creativity! We had bubbles popping, candies being eaten, dragons emerging from eggs, hearts being broken, butterflies coming out chrysalids, etc. 

The primary students were fascinated by the book and at first, really thought it was "magic" in some way!

The students at Blair seem to really like little minibooks...we've had Pete the Cat, Sam books (The Library Mouse) and now these Press Here books. 
We have two copies of Press Here available for circulation so it may be coming home soon!
~Ms Novakowski

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