Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Where Are You Bear?

This week the primary classes read the book Where Are You Bear? A Canadian Alphabet Adventure. In this picture book, a little girls leaves Newfoundland with her family to visit her grandmother in Vancouver but thinks she leaves her stuffed bear behind. Bear follows her across Canada and they have all sorts of adventures in each province and territory. Finally, they are reunited in Vancouver.
Before reading the book, we looked at a map of Canada and found Vancouver on the map as well as St. John's in Newfoundland which is where Sophie lives.

Some of the student comments about the book were:
I liked the pictures. -Shota (div 11)
I like the ending when Sophie and the bear get back together. -Cathy (div 11)
We learned some new things about Canada. - div 6
I liked how they went across Canada. -Mya (div 9)
It's an ABC book. -Kevin (div 9)
I liked the animated pictures. -Ifrah (div 8)
It is bright and modern. -Jayden (div 8)

Division 11 created handprint Canadian flags after reading the book.

This book was more popular with the younger students and was an interesting contrast to the book we read last week - Singing Away the Dark. Both Canadian in context, but very different styles of writing and illustration!
~Ms Novakowski

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