Wednesday, December 14, 2011

our paperwhites are blooming!

Divisions 8, 9, 10 and 11 were so excited today to see how much their plants had grown! We even had some blossoms to look at and smell! Some students thought the flowers smelled yucky while others thought they smelled like honey!

Some students noticed that the roots were getting longer just as the stems and leaves were getting longer. Some students also compared the plants and noticed that the plants with more buds and flowers had more roots. Very observant little scientists!

Ginger from division 9 thought the flowers are called paperwhites because they are white, smooth and thin like paper.

The students in division 10 created labelled diagrams of their plant and the students in division 11 used the KidPix in the computer lab to create drawings of their flowering bulb and then coloured them.

The students were so excited to see the entire growth cycle of this plant and to learn the scientific names for the different parts of the plant.

We also read a picture book called Paperwhite by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace which showed the preparation, caring for and growth of a paperwhite flower.

~Ms Novakowski

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