Sunday, November 20, 2011

Library Mouse Team Writing

Last week I read the second book about Sam, the library mouse called Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale. In this story, one of the boys who visits the library discovers that Sam is a mouse. He leaves him a story by his mouse hole and then Sam creates the illustrations for a book based on the story. He signs it as story by Tom  (the boy) and pictures by Sam. I discussed the terms author and illustrator with the students and then told them they were going to work as teams to create a story. One student would write the story and the other one would draw the pictures. The students were so excited to be in "teams"!

The motivation to write was so high for these students. They chose their own teams and that all seemed to work out. They also loved that they could write any kind of story they wanted. Some wrote Sam the Library Mouse stories or Pete the Cat stories but we had all sorts of original ideas too!

It's so great seeing young authors and illustrators in the library!
~Ms Novakowski

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