Friday, November 25, 2011

astronomy fact writing

For the past two weeks, divisions 6 and 7 have been reviewing nonfiction text features such as We looked at a variety of information books about space and astronomy and the students identified the features and explained their purposes. The next step was for the students to work in groups, choose a topic and read at least three books or selections on that topic. To practice note-taking and writing information "in your own words," the students were asked to read, then close the book, then just record key words or phrases so they could remember the important information.

This past week, division 6 began creating mini-posters with their information. They were asked to include at least three nonfiction text features and to write out their facts in complete sentences and "in their own words".

Division 7 had an opportunity to use the iPads and we used the app Writers Studio. Each student typed in a title and at least one informational sentence and then used the drawing feature of the app to draw a coloured picture that corresponded to the fact.

This class was the first to use the new wireless printer in the library that is designated solely for printing from the iPads. It was so easy for the students to go to AirPrint and print their pages. We now have a collection we can compile into a class book.

~Ms Novakowski

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