Monday, January 17, 2011

Chocolate Lily Book Awards

The Chocolate Lily Book Awards are an awards program for children's books by BC authors and illustrators. Registered schools are able to submit their "votes" for what book in each category that they think is most deserving of the award. The Chocolate Lily is an actual flower that only grows in woodland areas on the westcoast of BC.

This is the first year that Blair is participating in the Chocolate Lily Book Awards program and thanks to generous funding support from the Blair PAC we purchased all the nominated books in the picture book category. Each week, I will be reading one of the nominated books to all the primary classes and we will discuss personal connections we made to the books as well as do mini book reviews.

During the first week back at school in January, we read last year's winning picture book, Penguin and the Cupcake. All the classes thought it was so funny and thought the collage-type illustrations were really unique. It reads a bit like a graphic novel for younger students. The author/illustrator used really interesting text features and styling in the design of the book.

After reading the book, each class discussed why they thought this book was given the Chocolate Lily Book Award for 2010. Division 7 established criteria for us to evaluate this year's nominated books.
The students seem excited to be part of the group that "votes" for the winner!

Ms Novakowski

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