Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: On My Walk

This week, the primary classes read On My Walk by Kari-Lynn Winters. It is about a dog and his family who go for a summer walk on a beach in Vancouver and then it starts to rain!

Here are some mini book reviews from our primary classes:

division 6
I noticed that the illustrator outlined the characters and the dog. It made them stand out against the background. -Summi
 Both of the pages are fully illustrated (double-page spread). The sound words are funny and rhyme.
 I think this book would be interesting for younger kids. The illustrations were cool. -Jennifer

division 7
The book is funny and uses silly words and sounds. -Riley
 It’s a book that’s easy to read.  I liked the colours of the pictures. -Sarah
 It was pretty cool. The dog was funny. I liked it when he was eating the ice-cream. Some of the words are not really real – they are gibberish, but that’s what makes it fun to listen to. -Will

division 8
This book is nice for little kids because it is short. There are lots of colours in the illustrations. -Victor
The pictures are nice. There are lots of animals. -Max
The words are funny. -Lynch

division 9
I liked that you could see Stanley Park and Vancouver. - Thomas
The dog was cute. - Quizzy
I like the details like the raindrops, trees and logs. - Creighton

division 10
The flippity-flop words are fun. -Josh
The dog eating the ice-cream was funny. - Emily
I like the raindrops. -Mark

Ms Novakowski

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