Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chocolate Lily Book Awards: Final Voting

This week, the primary classes all reviewed the seven nominated titles for the Chocolate Lily Picture Book Award. Each student was able to vote for their favourite book and a class favourite was tabulated for each division. These votes and results will be sent into the provincial organization and we will find out in May who the provincial winner is.

At Blair, four classes voted for I Want to go to the Moon, two classes voted for Louis the Tiger who Came from the Sea and one class voted for Can Hens Give Milk?. Have a look at all our previous posts on these books for more information!

This week the older primary students completed their recording sheet which included a response box for each book title. For each book, students were asked to make connections, ask questions, decide on the theme, give the book a score or take the perspective of one of the book's characters.

Some of the students from division 9 created images from their favourite books using the Doodle Buddy app on the iPads.

We have two copies of each of these wonderful books thanks due to a generous contribution from the BLAIR PAC! They are now all available for the students to take home and enjoy with their families.
~Ms Novakowski

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