Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BONES by Steve Jenkins

Divisions 4 and 5 are learning about the human body and have been looking at the skeletal system. They know so much about bones already! Some of the things they told me they know are:

They know the human body has 206 bones.
They know that babies have more bones than adults (and they know you?).
They know the smallest bone and the longest bone in the human body.
They know about bone marrow.
They know about joints.
They know about the function of certain bones, such as the ribs and of the skeleton in general.

This week in the library we explored the book BONES by Steve Jenkins. The author/artist presents bones and skeletons of animals, many in actual size.
We learned that the human hand has 27 bones and the students had fun trying to find the 27 bones in each of their hands and then looking at the pictures of the bones in the arms and hands of other animals.

Several animal models were displayed such as a bat, a crow, rats and a snake. The students were asked to apply what they had learned about skeletons and think about what the skeleton of one of the animals might look like.

The information in information books can be so inspiring!

~Ms Novakowski

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