Tuesday, June 7, 2011

creating recipes

Cookbooks have been very popular in circulation this year and I have ordered several new titles to keep up with the demand! The students have enjoyed the Roald Dahl and Star Wars cookbooks in particular.


Mr. Hoath is working with divisions 1 and 2 on creating healthy recipes as part of the Health and Career Education curriculum. The following websites are useful tools as you can enter the ingredients you would like to use to make dinner, for example, and a collection of possible recipes using those ingredients is shared.

For this website, go to the ingredient search on the top tab bar and enter multiple ingredients. You can also add ingredients you don't want to use which is great for families with food allergies or other necessary food omissions.

On this website, you can search by selecting one ingredient at a time at the bottom of the page and then once you have a list of ingredients compiled, you can search for recipes including those ingredients.

On this site, you can enter one key ingredient and see what recipes come up!

Following recipes is a specific type of reading that students need experience with and of course, there are all sorts of opportunities to use mathematical concepts and skills when cooking and baking!
Ms Novakowski

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